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      An absolutely vital step for complete physical and motor activity recovery is rehabilitation. Realizing this crucial step for Our Patients’ recovery, Our Partners are ready to return Our patients to full force through mobilization of the motor system after medical procedures, spinal cord injuries, strokes as a consequence of neurological (SM) and many other diseases. A team of specialized medical personnel and high-class medical equipment allows for the most effective rehabilitation process that help orthopedic, geriatric, neurological and demanding functional training patients in both professional and amateur sports. Plans for rehabilitation for each of Our Patients are individually assessed in order to meet the needs of the patient. Additionally, Our Patients are constantly monitored by specialists and physiotherapists to ensure progress in the rehabilitation process.

Services provided by Our partners include rehabilitation and treatment for:

• Adults and children with neurological or orthopedic disorders;

• Children with postural defects and developmental disabilities;

• Patients with a spinal injury;

• Patients involved in motor accidents;

• Patients with pain syndromes of the joints and spine;

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