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Why Poland?

       As the number of tourists in Poland increases every year, many plan to use medical services to accompany their stay while indulging in Poland’s beautiful landscapes, architecture, and natural treasures. According to the Chamber of Medical Tourism, data shows that approximately 300 thousand foreign patients traveling to Poland utilize Polish private medical facilitates where the market currently grows at a rate of 15%. What is the phenomenon? As medical clinics in Europe, specifically in Poland, become equipped with state of the art equipment and professionally trained healthcare specialists at the highest level, foreigners gain confidence in receiving the same professional care they would have received at home. The interest of the patients themselves results in a certain price competitiveness of treatment, allowing us to meet the needs of our patients at the highest quality of service. In Poland, we offer visitors a chance to take advantage with our excellent clinics and doctors that are truly passionate about serving and helping others.

Diligently trained medical professionals in Poland are committed to providing the following services to patients at the highest international level:

-Dentistry (prosthetics, dental and maxillofacial surgery, implantology, esthetic dentistry)

-Aesthetic medicine (breast augmentation, correction of nose and ears, lifting, botox, liposuction)

-Gynecology (including aesthetic, urinary incontinence treatment, uterine fibroids surgery, uterine prolapse)

-General, vascular and orthopedic surgery (surgical arthroplastics, laser and surgical treatment of varicose veins, hernia operations, treatment of diseases and injuries of the spine)

-Ophthalmology (surgical treatment of the retina, modern cataract surgery)

-Cardiology (diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmia, coronary angioplasty with stent implantation, coronary vascular diagnostics)

Additionally, the Subcarpathian Voivodeship satisfies all of our patients needs and wishes: outstanding natural values, breathtaking scenery, air quality that promotes quick recovery, excellent logistics, and overall peace and comfort during their stay in Poland.

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