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       By providing you access to our partners’ services, we inform you about several options of funding treatment in private medical facilities in Poland. Nowadays, many employers and insurers also offer a refund from the cost of treatment. They appreciate Polish private healthcare because of the financial ability to provide services of exceptional quality that are readily available. Please contact your insurer or employer to ask about this opportunity and We’ll do the rest.

     We would also like to inform You that upon your request, We are able to provide You with all the necessary documents confirming Your treatment. These documents include, but are not limited to, detailed documentation about the procedure, tests and medications received, a receipt that confirms the amount spent, and all other documents that allow to payback costs incurred by You. This is Our standard, which ensures cooperation with Your insurers.

    In the case of uncertainty, Our team will be happy to provide You with information on reimbursement of expenses. In case of any questions, You can use the phone number or email:

kontakt@medicaladvisor.pl/+48 607 871 284!



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