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         MedicalAdvisor.pl works with patients from around the world to help Them find appropriate specialist or medical center in a timely and efficient manner at a relatively low cost, all while providing exceptional service that meets the needs of our patients at the highest level. We are committed and loyal to upholding exceptional service and matching our patients with highly qualified medical professionals in Poland. The most valuable reward for our team is the smiles of our patients after recovery and their feeling of satisfaction with us. Together with our experienced and committed partners, we strive to provide you and your family an access to all types of health services.

      Due to rising health care costs, many patients struggle seeking alternatives. Here in Poland, our company provides a full range of services and carefully overlooks your progress throughout your stay and even after returning back home. We are also resolving the problems associated with not being able to use the services provided by institutions in Poland (i.e. geographical, linguistic, or temporal obstacles). When creating the MedicalAdvisor.pl brand, we diligently chose and analyzed partners that hold the same values as we do to ensure care and success. Our priorities ensure that your stay in Poland will be both successful and rewarding.

Each and everyone of our patients becomes a good friend. After all, we are here for you and together we can create a better future for you with your trust in our hands.

In case of any questions, You can use the phone number or email!

kontakt@medicaladvisor.pl/+48 607 871 284!



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