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EU Directive-Refund For Treatment In Poland!

10 February 2019

      The EU directive route is available for either state-funded or private treatment in Poland. In most cases You will have to pay the costs upfront. You can make a claim for reimbursement when You return.

Main criteria and how to apply for reimbursement!

  1. Check if the treatment is available in Your country. If You have doubts please contact with: NHS-England, AOK – Germany, directly.
  2. You must be ordinary resident in EU country and entitled to treatment there.
  3. If You apply for reimbursement after treatment or authorisation in advance of treatment, You will need to complete an application form.
  4. You will need to include full details of the type of treatment and the healthcare provider: admission and discharge dates, estimated costs, original receipts and proof of payment (we will help You with that).
  5. The treatment is the same as or equivalent to a treatment that would be made available to you in your country.


We would like to provide You with exceptional quality of treatment in Polish private health sector. All medical specialties: orthopedics, general and oncological surgery, rehabilitation, dentistry, cardiology, gynecology, and others.


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